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"when women come togther, incredible things happen"

Hi beautiful being!

Do you want to awaken your inner goddess?
Your feminine pure essence but you don't know where to start?

you came to the right place

next "awaken your inner goddess" course starts on the
8th of January - 29th of January 2023!



When a woman awakens her feminine power every choice she makes is self honouring. So her well being, health, relationships and work improve as she understands herself completely. 

She feels self assured, balanced and centred as a woman.

She is not only able to empower herself, she is capable in supporting and empower other women as well from a healthy ground.

Learning about your Menstrual Cycle and how to support yourself in each stage is the core of well balanced divine mind body is a big part in healing the feminine wound.

This 4 week course is 25hrs Yoga Alliance accredited.


When we truly know ourselves we feel confident to express ourselves authentically

awaken your goddess

Learn in this 4 week online course how to empower yourself! How to experience emotional balance by understanding your needs and honouring yourself with healthy boundaries.

Reduce conflict with your inner voice and others and learn how to clearly indentify your needs from a place of self acceptance that transforms how you see yourself as a woman.

Meet other liked minded wonderful Women in the 4 live sessions we have together and support each other in a safe circle.  

Celine - Taped 3.jpg

For who is this Course for?

For all the women out there who want to get to know themselves better on a deep mind body level.

For Yogis and Non - Yogis who want to learn how to tap into femininity. 

Alecia Panagakis, United States

"I met Celine in 2020 in my yoga teacher training and I have resonated with her teaching ever since! She radiates joy, confidence, and strength. In November 2021 I took her “awaken your inner goddess” course and again she blew me away with her knowledge and confidence. She is such a flexible teacher, and always offers as much as she can. It’s been amazing getting to journey with you Celine and I look forward to the next course I get to experience with you!”

tools we use:


Yoga & our Cycle

women are cyclical beings and it is important for us to practice in a way that supports us through the 4 stages of our reproductive cycle. 



Learn to meditate or deepen your Meditation to find and cultivate your true essence, purusha



support yourself throughout the cycle with the right Nutrition.

Feel more energised, powerful and balanced. 



learning about the Karma Wheel and becoming aware and understanding your patterns and habits that might cause you suffering and holds you back in your personal growth.

Lets start your inner work now.

" so many times we women get ashamed of having our Period. And the worst part is that we are excusing our bleed, our mood swing and PMS too"


the course

every week you will get access to new Lectures and classes. They will be all recorded and you can watch them as many times you want.

Every Sunday we have a live Sisterhood Meeting on zoom to connect and discuss the topics.

in total there are:

  • 4 live sessions

  • 8 recorded Lectures 

  • 8 recorded classes (Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation)

This course is a 25hrs Yoga Alliance accredited course. 

Dear Céline, thank you so much for the beautiful course "Awaken Your Inner Goddess". I was able to learn a lot about cyclical living, received information about nutrition, yoga styles, journaling and reflexion questions, meditation exercises and much more for each cycle phase. The videos with diverse impulses still inspire me now - weeks after the course - and support me in every phase in awakening and nourishing my inner goddess. Thank you so much for your work! ❤️💞💖🥰

Laila Unman, Switzerland

ch habe Celine‘s online „Awaken your inner goddess“ kurs gebucht & kann es nur wärmsten an alle empfehlen die den weiblichen Zyklus in einer sehr Nahrhaftigkeit verstehen möchten.

Ich persönlich kenne meinen Körper sehr gut & habe die Veränderungen wahrgenommen in meinem Zyklus. Durch den Kurs mit Celine konnte ich meine Intuition mit der Theorie verbinden & es hat & bringt so viel Leichtigkeit & tieferes Verständnis. Mein weiblicher Körper wie auch das weibliche kollektive Umfeld kann ich nun wundervoll greifen & im Alltag integrieren.

Vielen lieben Dank für diesen wundervollen Online kurs!

Ich kann ihn & Celine als wundervolle Lehrerin nur weiterempfehlen!!

Seraina, Switzerland

join me on this journey.
next dates for the "awaken your inner goddess" are:

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