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Hi beautiful

my name is Céline

and I am excited that you are here!

about me

I am an international yoga teacher and strong advocate for holistic well-being and empowerment, with a deep passion for sharing all what yoga is on a deep level and mentoring women on their journey to self-discovery and personal growth.

I believe that the path to a fulfilling life begins with nurturing both the body and the mind. As a dedicated yoga practitioner, I have experienced the transformative power of this ancient practice firsthand. 

Through yoga, I have found a profound sense of balance, mindfulness, and inner peace that I am eager to share with others.

good bye old life - how it all started 

Seeking a way to find my balance and inner peace amidst the hustle and bustle of life, I attended a yoga class in my hometown in Switzerland over two decades ago.

Little did I know that this decision would alter the course of my life forever.

From that very first class, I felt an inexplicable connection with yoga, as if I had finally found something that resonated deeply with my soul.

I embarked on an adventure and did my first Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand.

When I returned back to Switzerland with my newly minted yoga teacher certification, I resumed my role as a dedicated nurse and started to share yoga in several studios.

While nursing had been a noble and fulfilling profession for me for over 8 years, my time in Thailand had kindled a fire within me to explore a different path.

I realized that the conventional life I once embraced no longer fulfilled my deepest aspirations.

I made the decision to step away from my career in nursing.

I yearned to learn more and to share the path of yoga and healing.

and the journey began

My journey continued with a pilgrimage to sacred destinations worldwide, where I participated in numerous yoga trainings.

From the ancient ashrams of India to the serene retreats of Southeast Asia, I absorbed the teachings of seasoned yogis and embraced the diverse styles and philosophies that yoga had to offer. 

As I traveled, I shared what I have learned wherever I could offer yoga classes on my travels.

Bali, the Island of the Gods, held a special place in my heart. The vibrant subtle, grounded spiritual energy drew me in, and I knew I had found my home.

Bali became the canvas on which I painted my dreams and shared my passion for yoga with a global community. I live here now since over 4 years.

my work - my vision

Over time, I crafted tailor-made yoga teacher training programs, infusing them with the profound wisdom I had acquired throughout my journey from beautiful teachers and their lineages that I've learned  from.

Watching aspiring yogis blossom into confident and compassionate teachers brings me immeasurable joy.

Alongside trainings, I am offering one-on-one coaching sessions, empowering individuals to overcome obstacles step fully into their power. 

As a women's mentor, I am committed to uplifting and guiding women as they navigate the complexities of life. I understand the unique challenges and opportunities that women face, and I am here to provide a supportive and nurturing environment for personal development.

My mission is to help women uncover their inner strength and femininity , unlock their authenticity, and build the confidence to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

I love to be a student and to expand my knowledge and enhance my teaching abilities. 

I believe the journey of self growth is never ending

As I reflect on the past eight years, I am grateful for the leap I took to leave my old life behind and embrace the unkown. The journey has not been without challenges, but every obstacle has been a stepping stone to higher levels of consciousness and authenticity.

My teachings are a fusion of embodied vinyasa flow and shaivism philosophy. i love to share the art of slowing down  and rest with yin yoga and meditation.

The student is always my absolute priority in my classes. Important for me is to transmit body awarenss, mindful movememt and how to connect with the breath.

It is NOT about flexibility and doing difficult poses.

My background as a fitness trainer and nurse allows me to integrate the various biodynamic aspects of the body into my teaching and to combine the functionality of the body with spirituality. 

Hope to see you see soon

Love to you,

YogaVida Celine

  • 200hr ttc, mixed styles, Samma Karuna, Thailand
  • 100hr Yin Yoga ttc Helga Baumgartner

  • 300hr ttc, vinyasa & Adjustments, Kranti Yoga, India

  • 50hr Hatha Tantra ttc, the Practice, Bali

  • 300hr Ayurveda Healing Course with David Frawley

  • Yoga for Women, Emma Salvado, the Practice Bali

  • Yoga Sutra& Meditation Master Training, Octavio Salvado, the Practice Bali

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